First, everything is made to order and you can see the cook or as I would call him, burger magician, methodically assemble the burger. The burger consist of a bottom bun, then layered with a big, juicy 1/4 beef patty. Next comes a generous helping of pastrami. Followed by 1 hot dog split in half. And then topped with a fried egg. Lettuce, Tomatoes, go on next and finally topped with the crown bun. My Friend, what you have just witness is the apex of human invention in the culinary arts. This heart-attack inducing burger is worth dying a few years early for. Toa B.


Monday through Saturday: 10am - 7pm
Sunday: Closed


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The only place to get the West Side Special. 1/4 lb all beef patty, an order of pastrami, a hot dog, and a fried egg with all the fixings!
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